Research Interests:

Turbulent Flows, Biological Fluid Dynamics, Unsteady Aerodynamics, Fluid-Structure Interactions, Flow Induced Energy Harvesting, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.


Flapping Wing Aerodynamics

Dynamic analysis of near-field and far-field wake patterns

The nature of wake patterns behind flapping wings holds the key to aerodynamic load generation. The manifestation of chaos in the flow-field behind periodically flapping foils is an interesting phenomenon that, in turn, results in chaotic force generation. The leading-edge vortex is found to be the primary trigger behind the transition from order to chaos in the flow topology. Even a small erratic behavior in the leading-edge vortex could spell a complete eventual breakdown of a regular wake, sustained by the frequent and spontaneous formation of the vortex couples and the subsequent vortex interactions. A dynamic interlinking is established between the near and far-field wake in terms of the underlying transition routes to chaos. The Jet-switching phenomenon is found to play a crucial role as the precursor to chaos.

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Research Highlights:

Talk on Wake Dynamics of a 3D Flapping Wing in 8th ESI OpenFOAM Conference 2020

Gallery of Fluid Motion: Transition from Order to Chaos in the Wake of a Flapping Airfoil