Chandan is presently a senior Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Vortex Interaction Laboratory (VOILAb) within the Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh. Previously, he was a Wallonie Bruxelles International Excellence Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Fluid-Structure Interactions and Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory and the Multi-physics and Turbulent Flow Computation Laboratory, Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Liège, Belgium. He has obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Dept. of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras, India, where he worked at the Uncertainty Laboratory and the Biomimetics Laboratory. He is passionately interested in fluid dynamics problems of different tastes, especially with flavours of turbulence and nonlinear dynamics. He aims to investigate a variety of complex multiphysics problems involving coupled nonlinear interactions, among which fluid-structure interaction and turbulence are his primary research focus.

Chandan is currently working on the ERC CoG project "Dandidrone" to study the underlying fluid-structure interaction dynamics of dandelion seed propulsion and its application towards building a microdrone.

Chandan's University of Edinburgh profile is here and here.

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Office Address: Room No. 1.A123/4, Alrick Building, The King's Building, Max Born Crescent, Edinburgh EH9 3BF, United Kingdom.

Recent News

July 2022: Chandan will be delivering a training session on dynamic mesh motion strategies in OpenFOAM at the "OpenFOAM Workshop 2022".

July 2022: Chandan became a part of the local organizing team of "OpenFOAM Workshop 2022".

September 2021: Chandan has joined the Vortex Interaction Laboratory (VOILAb) as a a senior Post-Doctoral Research Associate to work on the "Dandidrone" project funded by European Research Council.

June 2021: Chandan's research proposal with Prof. Grigorios Dimitriadis and Prof. Vincent Terrapon has been awarded the prestigious "FNRS Postdoctoral Fellowship" (Link1, Link2).

March 2021: Chandan has been chosen as one of the "Reviewers of the Year 2020" by the ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics (Link).

March 2021: New collaborative paper on "Flow Energy Harvesting" has been accepted in Smart Materials and Structures.

January 2021: New paper on "Flapping Wing Aerodynamics" is out in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

January 2021: Chandan's Ph.D. research has been selected to be featured in the "Cover Page" of the OpenFOAM Journal.

November 2020: Chandan's Ph.D. thesis has been selected for Innovative Project Award at Doctoral Level by the Indian National Academy of Engineering.

October 2020: Chandan received V. Ramamurthy Best Thesis Award in the Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras.

January, 2020
Chandan joined the University of Liège as a WBI Postdoctoral Fellow.

Chandan will be working in the "Fluid-Structure Interaction and Experimental Aerodynamics Lab." with Prof. Grigorios Dimitriadis on the broad area of fluid-structure interactions.

December, 2019
Chandan successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at IIT Madras.

After the thesis defence - with my Ph.D. advisors and examiners.

September, 2019
Chandan received the Institute Research Award for Ph.D. thesis.

Receiving the IRA certificate from the HOD, Applied Mechanics Department, IIT Madras.

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